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Project Description
A simple and lightweight framework for managing Finite State Machines and Business Processes.

Metamorph is under heavy development. We will be improving and adding more and more features in the near future.

We will be publishing some tutorials that will help you in order to use Metamorph.

At this moment we support using Enterprise Architect and MagicDraw in order to model the State Diagram. It is a simple process you just model the State Machine, export the model to xmi 2.1 or emf xmi 2.x and then use the support tool called Uml2Xml to convert the xmi into a format supported by the framework. Follow the posts below:
English: How to create the Hello World’s state Diagram in Enterprise Architect
Español: Como crear el Diagrama de Estados para la aplicación Hello World en Enterprise Architect

State Machine support is pretty stable now but Business Process support is still in Alpha Stage.

Metamorph: the Framework

Also take a look at the example provided with the application, it is a simple "hello world" app.

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